5 Sep 2018

Specific pathways problems?

VSS is Virtual Support Session and all Guides are supposed to offer 15 of those in all to the VPE and all those in real need of it, some before, most after the rollout. 

I will offer my last VSS tomorrow early morning. Join us from your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/5722868894 if you want to participate.

Meeting ID: 572 286 8894

It does rain, indeed, from time to time, over our Pathways User Interface. I do hope, they will tell us along the way when they begin to correct it, so we know and does not take us by surprise.

As now, from end May, all the regions are "rolled out", it seems already 50% had begun pathways. That would not be so bad if I did not heard that from the new members, only 50% did begun only. What are the others doing? They are not helped to get into it, as nothing else will be recognized for them? Many who complained at the beginning, now got into it even if grumbling and discovering, and enjoying the projects, realizing the differences between "I give yet another speech" or "I am now working on my next Project."

Every Social Media has some problems and hidden features not so easy to understand. This morning, I finally connected Twitter to my Ipad, and realized that it was linked with YouTube! I had no idea anyone could follow what video I looked at a time! After working for more then an hour, I found the way to disconnect it, then had to go to Google YouTube and delete the history of a few I really thought very personal and for for everyone to follow after me!

We will have to make again a list of all the problems or at least more difficult parts of the user interface. But do not believe it is only the Digital web interface has problem. The printed paths has also to be cleaned from everything that does not belong there. Even before addressing or not the problem of no choice for those who buy them and getting the same electives with their second path again.

I decided, to go back, month after month, and look what where the problems I fought then, even if I do not have those from April, but I do remember those vividly. I will give some other web Q/A later, but feel free to come if you need some tomorrow, at 6am London time with a free Zoom downloaded on your device.

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