28 Sep 2018

Turn whatever happens to your benefit

I found paragraphs in books to give confidence, to all of us beginning Pathways or anything new.

"Doing new things invariably means obstacles. A new path is, by definition, uncleared. Only persistence and time can we cut away debris and remove impediments. "

It does apply also for a new education program, and we do need not only a new perspective, new color to see the problems that arrises, but also realize that it will profit us at the end. Not only the new program by itself, but the fight with obstacles.

I discovered Seneca, in a time of discouragement, I felt so old! I arrived at 60. Indeed, I felt older then now at 85!

Turn whatever happens to our benefit, he wrote to his young friend about "old age". He did live more then 2000 years ago, but I tried, tried, as much as I could. It is not always evident, and sometimes, it takes time of course. First, we pest against what happened to us. Against all obstacles. 

I did not say it, it is printed! 
Dammit, this sucks.

By all means, vent. Just don't take too long. Get back to work and know that each obstacle we overcome makes us stronger for the next one.

Do not discourage others!

They need all the encouragement you can give them and your experience can show them the way to go out from problems. 

As I said a year ago, in my Inspirational speech from Level 3, to Toastmasters from New Zealand and Australia: you will be just a step ahead of others, because you got the way out, and you'll be looked at as Expert! 

I am happy to say, that day, two Toastmasters decided to begin Pathways ahead of their region, and even more happy to say, they did become wonderful experts! More then just one step ahead of the others, they helped many to prevail.

We will always have some problems, let us hope less and less as the time arrives. I still forget from time to time that the Home is Under Home, and when a new system arrived at my apple devices, the Configuration again had to be changed. Dammit! Well, finally, I found out also that as TMI and Base camp are on different platforms, I have to let give information to each other. Do I like it? No. But again, my BaseCamp works and I can continue. 

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