12 Sep 2018

Level 3 Electives: in many posts

Today, I was asked if I did talk about my Level 3 Electives in my blog. Of course, in many posts! I looked at some "level 3" in the search book first, find that the 2nd June was when I decided to take them all, this time, one by one in the MS path, Motivation Strategy. From then on, many posts speak about which one and how I tackled, discovered. The pleasures and also the difficulties I found with them. 

Here are the 12 I found in my path Level 3, of course "choose 2 at minimum" is enough.

In my first path, Visionary Communication, I took first "Understanding Voice Variety" 2 June 2017 and "Connect with Storytelling". Both were wonderful! I even repeated the Voice Variety just for the pleasure to reading something different too.

In the next path, it was "Inspire your Audience" and "Connect with your Audience". This latest is not so easy as it ask us to tell something there are unfamiliar with as we do know those from our club. I inspired two members to begin Pathways earlier, but I remember clearly that some young toastmasters in our club, arrived from African countries, did not know about the Holocaust and were lost with my story more then I expected. 5-7 is a short time to tell my story, did not have a lot time explaining. So that taught me not to expect too much knowledge from some audiences.

Then come a path where I journaled "Focus on Positive" in a down period: I needed it, it did help to find the positive from what happened. It was just when I was not named Pathways Guide, only Pathways Ambassador. Of course, I did not know that four month later, I will begun another, Pathway Guide Journey too, in another district. As Ambassador I needed to "Use Presentation Software" so that was my second Project in this path. 

I tackled "Active Listeningfirst as a Level 2 Project, being Table Topic Master, listening also at body language, giving back their meaning after their answer. That went very well and I remember their eyes "you understood me well, thanks!" telling me without words before they went back to sit down.

In a forth path I used "Effective Body Language" in my land club and I remember making them laugh as I spoke about their body language as they listened, and some of those I remembered from the past as my worse listeners. Then some of the best one's. I took up again "Connect with Storytelling" my preferred way of communicating.

Bellow is a clutter of all my recent Active "All Types" : Curriculum (Path), Class (Distinguished Toastmaster) and Evaluation (downloaded for the next project), sorted by Date Added. Prepare to Interview Evaluation Resource saved for my next Evaluator.
I usually do not show them all, just the "curriculum" that cleans it - even for me easier.
Sorted here by Date added, but in this only my Current Paths are seen. I still do not get why they call them Curriculum! 

Dynamic Leadership I am on Level 5 still 2 Projects I studied already the first and soon done. Motivation Strategies as you know, I linger at the Level 3 with next the Last 12th Elective to do, I will write a separate post about Interview: a lot more interesting that I thought! Then I have to tackle the Required Project, Journaling about Emotions was not so easy as I believed at the beginning. Having many path give me opportunity to choose the Project I want, the Project I think the audience needs just at the moment and of course, I am prepared for it.

The last two path I am just at the beginning, Level 1. Leadership Development in French I took on in March as I become Pathways Guide to a French club, and hoping to find a remote access in French also. But I got a new idea, so I may take it on again. It is allowed to give the speech from any path and project in any language, as far as of course the audience understands it. Team Collaboration was an unexpected gift: my second free path I got recently, end May as Pathways was launched to online clubs. It found me in three different online clubs, so I dared to ask and got it! It is waiting as for now, as I am more interested to finish the different Electives. All electives of Level 3 and, perhaps 4 too. We'll see.

Do not ask me how can I speak so much, from 2 June to 12 September finished 11 Electives because not only I am member in 4 clubs but here are others who ask me to come to speak. So I try to have always one more in "my pocket" as well as putting my name when I find a place. Monday I spoke thus, but this one I missed alas, believing the meeting to be afternoon and it was that week early morning.

I am paid member only in one land based toastmasters club, now for the 10th year, but one can do so much Online from home without having to walk or take a bus! And Online Toastmasters clubs are so welcoming!

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