26 Sep 2018

Pathways Storyswap Online

Collaboration does pay! Team does work! I just had to begun and my creative juices flow.
How you like this image? I love it a lot! Designed in Kazakhstan, by Assyl Boizhanova, it did help to get going my creative juices and get finally going on my Pathways D.T.M Project. 

It was created first yesterday evening, for a Story Swap about Pathways the 19th of October. This morning, I woke up realizing, that I should initiate similar meetings and stories, Pathways Storyswaps by different Toastmasters having had different experiences with Pathways and different stories to tell. Bellow, just the firsts who come to my mind.

Pathways Storyswap by Beginners
Pathways Storyswap by Pathways Guides & Ambassadors
Pathways Storyswap by Pathways Champions and / Or Pathways D.T.M
Pathways Storyswap by Base Camp Managers
Pathways Storyswap by Online club leaders

This last one is already programmed now for 30 September, and another for 19 October. 

It seems to me even a better Pathways D.T.M. project that the one I begun with. And most important, already shared views with my nearest team, but will involve in it as many as I can. Besides, if you want to use it in any of your club: welcome to it! You can take out (or we will) the "Online" and add to it your club name or add the club name above the image with the date and hour. 

Share personal stories of your experiences with Pathways : joys and frustrations, how it went, what come as obstacle, how did go through it, who helped and who tried to discourage to continue on your path. What you gained from it and how did you grow through  persisting and going through your path and projects.


Coach Carole said...

Wonderful project with such wide reaching possibilities for sharing. These are the stories that need to be heard and recorded. This will give inspiration to many and help enormously to embed Pathways in Toastmasters education.
Oral storytelling is such an important digital skill for sharing learning in a meaningful way. Have you given much thought to where the recordings of individual stories can be stored and displayed? Your special DTM project would then have a tangible and valuable lasting outcome.

Svetlana said...

That's a great initiative. Thank you, Julie!

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Thank you Carole. At the beginning, I thought the stories will be showed all in the blog. Alternatively, posted in the Pathways Discussion Forum. From the initial plan, the number of events and the number of those telling their authentic stories is growing. And growing. Wonderful!

We now created a Webside and a Facebook Page and will soon let it know : different ways to find a story and different places to see a story. Thank you Carole for accepting to be part of the Team, thanks Svetlana VPE to liking the initiative.