25 Sep 2018

Every day a meeting - most online

I live now in London, a city with 77 Toastmasters clubs or almost. If my legs where good, I could go to a meeting every evening, and some mornings too. As it is, I am member of one of them meeting twice a month, the rest of the time I visit online clubs.

Monday Evening, it is Royal Road Toastmasters. This week I was Evaluator, next will speak. 

These pictures were taken yesterday, and I published all three together after the meeting. We got the funniest Table Topics I ever heard, and I was happy to answer to one of them. Above the meeting a week ago. "Gallery view" we can see each together and see how they react.
I am club coach, or was till June? They got Presidential distinguished. I contributed a bit.

Today, Tuesday, I assisted to a meeting with Witty Birds, again TT speaker and evaluator. They meet one week early morning - it was 5 am I woke up to prepare to the meeting that starts at 6 am here, and the second week they meet afternoon here and evening more East.
An excellent Pathways Icebreaker took me all the way to Kazakhstan then from there to Assy's first trip to London. "I believed that my English was good enough" then took us with her : I followed as if I were there, moment by moment! In plus, remembered my "I believed..." adventures.

Wednesday, my toastmaster pal from almost 10 years now, comes to pick me up and we go to Lewisham Speakers club. I am Secretary, Base Camp Manager and Pathways Ambassador there now.

Thursday, are our Witty Storytellers meetings. I am President from July, a huge responsibility and I could almost tell "I believed I knew how to" Here is the add for our next meeting. Zoom link is Meeting ID: 572 286 8894 : Guests welcome to attend.

Friday, for me is Zaldy's Emperor Online pre-charter: so welcoming! Last Friday, I explained how I learned in Pathways what it meant to have a mentor and how it felt to be a Protégé, while Elizabeth told us how her 6 month as Mentor went: she got now Pathways Mentor designation!

Saturday, I spoke also at Global Trainers Online, Reflection about my journey, finishing my path.
In this Gallery view Graham, radio speaker, explains us the different microphones and how to use them.

Sundays, is Firebirds Collective one of the first online clubs for me, and I told them "it is not so easy to lead a team!". After the meeting I got a great help from Fabiola the President, an incentive to go farther on my journey.
Image taken from one of their older meetings. Perhaps, you could observe that some of us go to more then one online club, to speak, to take roles, to assume responsibilities.
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This one was taken the last Sunday after the meeting, when Fabiola, the current President gave me excellent advices. I am no longer waiting, begun...

Instead of having to wait to speak once a month at maximum, I could speak seven days a week almost!

Of course, the Projects have to be prepared and some have more tasks or/and longer reflections and work to do before I prepare the speech part. This Thursday I am the President introducing the meeting, next Monday an interview, I found my interviewer and even the subject I would like to be interviewed about as expert. I also have to prepare my speech about my Research, I read too much and have to take out only essential.  As for my third path, Manage Time, I wrote already the story I want to tell, but now, I have to revise it, rehearse it, embed it in me, and carefully note how much each part took. Plus prepare a Festival, plus prepare a whole our of Podcast for future projects.

I really have to learn how to manage my time!

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