15 Sep 2018

Elective Project? We do not have to do all?

I was discussing with a VPE who is at Level 3 already and did not know, she has to do ONLY TWO of the electives projects. In plus, she asked me: "what means ELECTIVE project"? She never heard about it. She was not present when we presented as Guide or Ambassador Pathways.

Toastmaster published 10 other pages in which one can see on the left side all the "REQUIRED" projects. Level 1 same in any path. Level 2 one of them differ from time to time, it comes from the Level 3 Elective Projects. The three Required L3, one at L4 (because ask for longer time) and  two at L5, that differentiate Path from Path. In fact only one different at Level 5 as Reflect same.

At the right, from Level 3 Elective Projects (choose 2) with different color background, are all the yummy projects we can chose from. Inside the basecamp, when we do arrive there, it is clearly written also a Minimum of 2. Meaning, if we really want, we could take in more, but to pass the level 2 are only needed. 

We arrive here in the Base camp, inside our Educational Transcript, launching the path, here the Motivational Strategy clicking Level 3.  Iit is well written "Min Required 3" as  here the 3rd is the Level 3 Completion. not a project. But to be done too for the Level to be send to VPE for approval (or another Base Camp Manager) 
The second entry is Elective Projects and also Min Required 2

We look fast, without really seeing all, if my pal did not observe Elective Projects, and did not realize she does not have to do them all in order to finish her Level 3.

She did the Required and also already 3 of the Elective projects, all she has to do now is to Activate the Level 3 Completion and after reading the blabla, come back and mark "completed" also, in order for the BCM to see the level asking to be approved. 

Level 4 is the only 2 project Level, because the projects take a longer time to accomplish.
Level 5 has two Required and minimum 1 Elective, as you can see. Longer, more interesting or more important ones also.

I have to be more attentive when I write, I think everyone knows and understand the words, that myself learned over time. I do understand elective, but why "Educational Transcript"? and by the way also why Curriculum instead of Path?

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