11 Sep 2018

Focus on Positive? Check.

All has many facets, and yesterday I demonstrated it with stories at Royal Roads, completing thus my 11th Elective from Level 3 of Motivation Strategies. And also showing them a picture, that said: The cup is not half empty or half full: it is refillable!

John evaluated me, very warmly on the spot, then a few hours later I got my written feedback.
So, "voice variety" still not up to the level it should be. Good to know to think more about it for the Podcasts I am preparing. "Content is very important" told us Graham. There will be composed of stories from my life. Old stories, already told, now told a bit differently.

I did finish 11 projects from 12 in my Motivational Strategies. One more waiting for me.

Yesterday, I opened the first time ever, the project "Prepare for an interview".

I was very pleasantly surprised!

It is not only for a JOB interview, but also for an interview as an EXPERT. So, I could relate better to it. At age 85 I do not need or want a new job! But I am from time to time interviewed as an expert or, at least with the idea "at this age?"

There are forms to fill, thinking about what we can do, abilities, and what did we do, successes, and what we like to still tackle. Many interesting things to think about, now that I prepare my D.T.M project and the answers will give me courage. Also let me sort out what to leave what to take out.

More about that last project in Level 3 another day. But am I the only one who decided to do all the Elective Projects instead of just the minimum two? I can tell you now: they are worth all of them! I am very happy I decided to linger and tackle them one by one.

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