7 May 2019

2 year anniversary of Level 1 Completion

For the flyer, I wanted to use TMI colors. I found an announcement, and taken out the old words first.

Then took the picture of my Pathways pin, to make sure all understand it is about Pathways and Toastmasters, not the baby's first steps.

First, I used my picture of steps to come up towards my apartment, then I googled I got something I liked better. Changed its colors.

Decided what text to add to it. Wanted the words First steps bigger, but did not get it and got tired of modifying it further. At the end changed the steps color and put the details of meeting under the pathways logo.

This morning I got a special gift from blogger, I discovered I got my first LEVEL 1 Certificate exactly two years ago. Then, someone on Facebook explained me how to find and print it too.
I got it printed as gift from my family, a week later. At the time, I did not have yet a printer.

What I do remember very well is the great joy I had : I did it! I did it! I got it! Never after was the joy so strong, not even when I finished the path or even not when I got my Pathways DTM.

I begun my pathways journey the 25 March and finished Level 1 and got it approved the 7 May, 2017

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