18 May 2019

Close a Project, close a Level, Find a fillable Evaluation, voice Zaryia & Julie

So many small fine details to be learned. Here are our voices, not our faces, instead the screen is shown. Not all is told or shown but a lot! She has and manipulates the Projects on her PC differently as me usually on my Mac laptop. Screen shown: 40 minutes well spend. 

A lot of small details to tell, we did not have time to speak about all but many of them, yesterday afternoon. 

Use this, after looking, listening, as needed. Perhaps go over it twice even for details. Zaryia has finished all her Level 1 projects but did not record, before our meeting any of them, not having read the Project description, that was not in the PDFs I have send her a few month ago. 

She is President of her club, so you can see also how a Base Camp Manager approves a Level. We have to logout from Access Base camp as Member, and login as BCM instead. Approve, then logout again and login as member. Then, approved we can Print our certificate, and also move at next level.

What I did not have time to tell is, that after the Project was approved, Evaluate appears instead of Launch on the button. TMI asking you, for 10 days if you do not answer immediately  to tell how you felt about that project. We even get a letter about it (even if we answered them). Once answered, the Evaluate on the Project button becomes again Launch. We can open again, read, print, etc. even after finished it. 

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