27 May 2019

Who am I ? An European. Pathways passionate.

I am Hungarian. At least, that was my mother language, even if I do not find lately many to speak with Hungarian. In the war, we went to Budapest, then other parts of Hungary too.

I am Romanian and was married to a half Romanian, half Greek. My town, birth and adolescent years, was Hungarian till I was 11 then become Romanian. I left Bucarest, were we went when I was 15 as a 28 old, 2 month pregnant with my daughter, knowing only we have to emigrate, not where we will land.

I am French, and today I still voted as French citizen. I was the first to arrive to vote this morning at 8 am and they asked me to pose with them. Arrived in France when my daughter was 2 years old. 

I lived now 10 years in London and love it.

So who I am? I am an European.

We can be many things at the same time. I am also a blogger, a photographer, a Toastmaster, a storyteller. I am mother of two, grandmother of five. 

And of course, as you may see from this blog, passionate of Pathways. Trying to find new ways to make it know, make it love, make it discover. Looking for different ways to make start for those still with problem. 

In London, I was the first to enter and register to the EU elections. 

With my son. Not first to begin Pathways, but between firsts.  

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Tana said...

Thank you for sharing your passion for Pathways with all of us! And providing a resource to keep us moving ahead.