4 May 2019

First steps on your path

Toastmaster: new or seasoned.
  • Let us suppose, you have decided your first path.
  • Let us suppose, you learned there are 5 Levels in each.
  • Let us suppose, you know  Level 1 is same in each path.
Now what?

Many of us who were there, had some problems and lots of discoveries and joys. But we got it! Now, we want tell you about our experiences, each in our way. Explain what we learned, and how we help, now others.

Panelists, moderated by me, will be meeting Tuesday, 7th May Online, 4pm London UK time, to let your first steps be easier, surer, more of joys and less of the worries. Each panelist had their own misunderstandings and now, helps those around them.

We will meet through Zoom, and yes, you may also participate, and even pose your questions, through me in direct to the panelists. We will also record it, publish the Panel discussion. 

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Coach Carole said...

Time Zone Conversion:

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Thank you Carole

Pilar Cama said...

Hello, Julie, this is Pilar from Perú. I'll share this Zoom with my fellow Toastmasters ��
You're my Mentor.