2 May 2019

Evaluations in many languages in Tutorial and Resources

Learning, getting used to go to Tutorials and Resources is useful for many purposes. Again, just click on the grey title UNDER the name.

Today, I went there to look for an Evaluation Form (called Resources) and before finding it, after Clicking on English, I was amazed at different languages we can find them. In alphabetic order:

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Of course, I am aware, more languages are needed, and in translation if not all translated to. Waiting verifications and conformation, their number will grow.

Just hope, the Embracing Humor path will also translated soon! I feel that is also on the way, and we will get it, or something else in the next weekend: again stopping because "house keeping" as beginning months, each time this year. Each time, something new appeared. Would be best we were told what.

As for finding the right Evaluation to be able to send to the speaker, if he or she does not send us, we have to know the exact NAME of the Project, as the Level is not attached to the form. Even after I opened the one I thought, no level number, just the name of the project. Finally for me, looking for Required Humorous Keynote, I knew I have the good one seeing, it is a 20 minute keynote.

Another problem I had, aie aie aie! After having completed the form online, pluf! a bad movement from me : it disappeared. When I took it back: it was EMPTY ! All my wisdom filled text lost.  I had to begin all again. Aie! Did I fill it better, the second time around or not, I do not remember.

For sure, this time, I gave it another name, made sure it is on my computer desktop, and saved it after each part was filled. Then only, saved again at the end, and send it in an email to the Toastmaster I evaluated. Evaluating a Level 5 Required Keynote from E Humor was not easy, as I just finished L3 of the path, but it was challenging and I learned a lot from listening, and thinking how I will have to do to make a good Humorous Keynote that carries a main message not stated, using personal stories.

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