19 May 2019

When you think, you know all...

I like Zoom, and used it now, for more then a year often. Alas, never think "I understand how it works": there is always something more to learn. 

We got together with Zariya Lufu, as you can see from yesterdays video. You could also see, we were not on it. Here is us, laughing, but at times, we were preoccupied too.
Instead of getting the usual video, I got two separate one. One with us, and speaking. Other with the screen she shared and speaking : without us. 

After I realized, too late to get differently, I got to look why, got a representative of Zoom, then a technical one, and she understood finally and showed me WHERE I did configure, myself, as I did not understand well, like this. And how to change it.
It was not this one as I believed, but another at My Meeting then Recording. Somewhere in the Advanced features, and again, settings. Or was it this one? Record video during screen sharing? Place video next to shared screen in recording? Yes, where is it?

I can learn - at any age - but sometimes, too much is too much. At least, Zoom got a wonderful help, when when it was too technical for one, he passed me to another.

For me, the most important part was to see how well she did handle her PC, instead of my Tabs with Windows.
Zariya could make them popup, whenever she needed, and go to the window she wanted as I go to my Tabs. Open, close or change them, as needed.

I had also realized how she knew how to refresh a window with a click: better then me! 

We all "know something" - different. After zooming with her, and zooming with my President, recording both, I understand how each needs different advices. 

Best of course would be for the USER Interface to change fast, ADD a MARK THIS PROJECT FINISHED. There is a button Mark this level Finished, why should not be also for all projects? 

And why the grey that cover most of a page, does not disappear when we click anywhere, why should we click just on the button that toggles it? And why do not open at click in Burgundi and have to go under and click on a grey thing with same name? Why do we have to wait so long for some small important changes? 

Soon, it will be a year that all got pathways!

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