6 May 2019

Most visited posts

There is not only one Most Read Post in the blogger Stats. It depends. 

There are the ten for whole time, since the blogging begun.
There are ten for a year.
Ten for a month.

Even ten for the last week. That one I do not look or show.  Here how it looks when I look which post has the most page view, counting all the posts. 5 posts go beyond 1000 and the post I wrote 2 years ago "My main leadership style" obtained 1747 who looked. Hopefully, read it. 
That is how it can be seen for the last year on my blog, for the last year. 

There are some additional posts that many visited. Here some of the posts most visited remain the some, others are added. 

How many projects in a path?

How to get a certificate of Recognition - for pathways ambassador.

Most important, between them, in my point of view, are the Path rearranged as they belong together, from last year. Even if the Humor path was not yet out, it would get into the first category most recommended. 

Some advices for newcomers to Pathways, that is relatively new.

And if I look at the stats for the last month, it shows also something different. 

Ask our leader...

Generic Evaluation form

There are of course, also constant, number reading I never achieved again.
I even do not remember, what did I write about my leadership style and why it remains in the top. 

But "we were not told of meeting roles" really? is new, I did not write it so long ago, so I relatively happy it got to the top in last month.

I go rarely to look at my stats, nor to the total number of visits, now that I arrived to over 100,000. It will take long, long to get the 200,000 and of course, only if I find enough new material to write.

Not only new, but interesting enough too.

As to my "English", well it is mine, and it does not really bother many of you. Lately, I asked a post to be corrected, and after correcting the grammar of one paragraph, and the spelling of two words, I was told "the rest is just you", leave it as it is, we got used to it.

Ah! I even have at the bottom now, why are these post the "most seen". Let me go fast There, and verify it is different then this one! No, it has most then a year, January last year, and it was different

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