31 May 2019

Three or six points?

Harvard commencement address. Angela Mercer from Germany. She made remember the wall, in Berlin when she finished herself, and how it did divide Berlin. And what happened in 1979, that changed the life of so may, hers and included.

And how bringing down the wall was an ending of tyranny and a beginning to her a new life for her. How important is taking our walls inside us and between us and those different.

She remembered her parents, and what nazism did bring Shoah, someny death and misery to the generation of her parents. How important European Union is, and the Marshal plan announced in a commencement speech in Harvard. Do not close up, open up to others.

So many important things about what we could do now, opening up instead of isolating, working together for new beginnings and more. Important issues but too many. I remembered Job, he told his life in three stories. And a very powerful ending.

A good if not great speech to be listened and analysed. 

Alas, she told at least six not three things and it is not easy to remember. I have to tell a story Short Sunday from Level 3. So much to say! How can I condensé it in three tales only?  

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