14 May 2019

A different view: from Level 2 to Level 3 on

I just realized that looking from Level 1 or Level 2, going to Level 3 is a special experience! 

Once I login, at Toastmasters.org through Welcome Julie for me, I can go in the Base Camp's Educational Transcript directly, either through Go to your transcript or Enrolled 1 path (or 3 or 11) and from there. Then, Launch my path or can change the path when we have more then one.

At Level 1 we all have the same Projects. All "Required" and most have many tasks. No  picture given here. Once the Icebreaker done, we can take on Project 2 or 3 in any order.

At Level 2 all Projects Required, some differ from path to path, but not all. Here is how it looks Level 2 of Effective Coaching for example: all Projects are Required in any order.
Of course, it looks like this because I did already completed the level (and the path).

Then arrives Level 3 and suddenly the landscape changes. 

At Level 3 come 13 Electives that made me feel like in a bonbon store in childhood. In Level 3, beside 1 Required Project, which is specific to the path we are on, we got lots of Projects called Electives, from which we can choose from. The Electives, are the same for all path, missing one only if it was already put in level 2. 
This is from Strategic Relationship, where I am not on Level 3. 

One Main screen, the Specific project for the path, in blue, as I have already Activated and from then on Launch remains visible, till we finish the project, then for ten days Evaluate (tell TMI what we felt about it) but as soon as we do Evaluate, it comes back to Launch. I did not finish the Make Connection through Networking, but it is programmed already for tomorrow evening.

Under it a "folder" a blue square, we can see the all Elective Projects: click View Details. All Elective projects appear, can be Activated, Launched, Read, Saved, Printed. At minimum two are necessary to do, in order to go further, but we may do any we want, or open all and save or print. 

All 12 or 13 Electives Projects on our fingertips! I felt, like drunk of joy when I arrived here. So much to read, and to choose from.
Only the beginning of them come with screenshot, there are a lot under this four. You can see, that I  completed Connect with Storytelling, and also Use Presentation software that can not be seen in this image.

What I did not realize, till yesterday, that it can be also a problem to go back to the main screen of the Level 3 (or 4 or 5 that is the same way), to the main project, the specific for the path are only different. Toggle easy with one clic from Required to the Electives folder, with View Detail, and back with a click on Level 3 on the left.

What is good, that it is always same for each and once we got it we do not think any more about. Alas, that makes sometime difficult to understand the problems others who were not yet there face. 

Here you can see from the Toastmasters Navigator, not the basecamp, ALL Electives in E.Humor path, the last I took on as soon as it appeared in February.
There are similar, in the Navigator for every path, so we do know what to expect. 

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