3 May 2019

We don't read we scan, most of the time

At the very beginning of this book, about which I already wrote a post, Don't Make me Think by Steve Krug, is a chapter that speaks of us, not really reading but scanning. The book is one of the "bibles of usability", my son ergonomic specialist, did buy a new copy of it to me. Ergonomy is the science, technic of usability.

Yesterday, I had to recognize again, how true it was what he wrote, and how many of us, me included, did not really look and read all that was there for us.

Someone published a DCP page, showing us that under all Pathways Awards, is written - true in smaller letters - "before the awards are given in Club Central, they has to be recognized in Base Camp too". I believed, as some others, that is new. I went back in time to prove those were "new" but what I found it already there in December! I stopped then looking farther back. 

Each time I looked at DCP points, first I look at the number of goals met, here 5. Then I searched the awards which are partially met, and how many more award needed to be completed.
Thinking already who in the club could finish them. 

Who does read the small print under the Pathways awards? I did not. Till now.

All Pathways education awards must be submitted in both Base Camp and Club Central. 

I know that, and I did it, but never seen that it is specified here too. 

Let us go farther. 

Some Toastmasters complained in discussion Forum "I need to know what comes next, what I can expect: till I am on the level, I can't know and plan for them". 

I did not have an idea even, that all Projects have under them a short description of what they are about. I am only on Level 4 now, just got in it. Here what I can read about Level 5 that I can not yet access.

Deliver your message with humor : This project focuses on creating a keynote-length speech that effectively delivers a message and humor to an audience. 

Reflect on Your Path, the end of all paths: This project is designed to give you an opportunity to share your experience at the end of your path.

Two others, this time at level 4 in a path I am at level 3 only and have to plan which one I want to ask the VPE to program me and to prepare. 

Manage Online Meeting: This project addresses how to effectively conduct online meetings and webinars, prepare and organize necessary visual aids and lead with...

Question-and-Answer Session: This project addresses how to prepare to answer questions and provide information clearly, concisely and with confidence. This is my next Project! More interesting for me, as I did manage endless online meetings already.

Of course, these are short descriptions. Needing more? 

Tutorial and Resources has Project Descriptions with a bit more details, and also we can find some more in the Evaluation Forms. 

Here it is for my next project.
Prepare and deliver a speech on a topic you are particularly knowledgable, followed by a question-and-answer session. Together it must be 15 to 20 minutes, etc etc etc. 

Of course, for this path where I am just arrived at Level 3, after looking at the title AND reading the short project description, I an Activate it, the Launch, then read all. 

Perhaps, this time, as at my very first path, I will go to Understanding Vocal Variety, which I remember how much I liked. It will help me to prepare better Podcast, for another path, and also use better variety when I show slides or simple tell a story. Reading all project again, trying out the different things suggested, will help me do better.

I will try, not to scan only, read all what we have given and accomplish all tasks. Never too late...

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