11 May 2019

Reflections on my path

This was indeed, more a reflection on my path in Pathways, then the "last".

My 6th path that I just finished is Team Collaboration, not an easy path. Or specifically, not a path to remember with any special joy. 

Visionary Communication, was my first finished, and I not only have great memories of it, but also feel that I am still continuing the vision I begun then. 

Presentation Mastery I remember specifically for all the roadblocks I had, as I initially alas asked for a Manual Path, waited a lot, then at Level 3 decided to switch at web path. 

Leadership Development, was a path filled with joy, collaboration and preparing a storytelling festival. The first path where I realized how much one personalize a path, giving it a specific, personally chosen theme. In this case, for me "Importance of personal storytelling".

Effective Coaching, did teach me three specific things. 1 - it is not easy to coach online. 2 - not to chose a book by its cover, a path by its title. 3 - look at the last required project! I did not realize, when I begun, it finished with a High Performance Leadership project. 

Dynamic Leadership, was an error in judgment, but still, it helped me. I have taken it for Negotiation project, and it did help me when I had to negotiate with VPE to give us time to speak, about Pathways, before its launching.

After the Team Collaboration, I did begun other paths, one of them in fact before TC.
Motivational Strategies, begun earlier, will take long to finish, as I decided to do all the Projects in it. Doing that takes time but it is a wonderful challenge for me. In plus, its theme is "photography" and I do try to show an important image each time I speak.

Embracing Humor, is the path I could not resist to take on, as soon as it was available. Finished Level 3 so far. I do love its content and approach on what IS important. Of course, dedicated to Humor. 

As the feedback today was "not enough on Team Collaboration Path" even if I consider it finished, I will try to give another speech in which I will try to give more details about that path. 

What was your preferred path? Less liked? Why?

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