25 May 2019

Meting online Toastmaster club friends

How long it is we met first? I even do not remember! But we meet, usually 4 times a month. Witty Storytellers Online and Global Trainers Online.

And today, I met Graham Cairn and his wife, Shirley Cairn face to face in London. From Australia, via Hong Kong, and in their way to US and Canada !
Thanks Graham for this picture, it even shows my Pathways teeshirt that I took specially for today.

It was a pleasure to meet them, cross the foot bridge to the Royal Festival Hall in London. And chat.

It was less pleasure, to realize that I am more "out of breath" then I believed. It was not my feet or knee that bothered me but I could not walk at normal speed, was too fast out of breath. Nevertheless, we did have great moments together. Very happy we met.

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