9 May 2019

April Stats from Toastmasters International & all Electives in BC

Have you seen this already?

Pathways introduced in 143 countries: 3 out of 5 members are enrolled already. 
2 out of 5 has yet to enroll of course. The project, say almost all, apply to the life outside toastmasters. In all Toastmasters begun 247,939 paths ! alas, only 147,006 are "active" members in at least level 1. 

Only 0,55 % of all members did chose a manual path, 99,45 did choose base camp to work on it online, and get access to all videos, and of course, all elective projects, instead to use only the 4 preselected for them.
Above, all the elective projects we have access to from when we get to the level, and from then on. To choose, to read, to download, to print. To enjoy and try them on.

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