8 May 2019

Prepared, prepared, had great panelists and guests but

Indeed, preparing, enjoying the diversity of panelists, listening to our guests also very diverse and from all over the world, and then crashed too tired to look at the recording I got.

Only 24 hours later, I got to look at it: all recorded on the "cloud" for me, without "screen" showing. I intended to cut in parts as 1 hour is too long, but without "showing what we have seen" is so strange.

The panel happened. I will be able to add bits here and there, not today! I am still too upset.

We can show separate the slides, or showing in direct basecamp, and separate us and listening of what we did tell.

Not together!

Indeed, anything can happen in direct or online, but... online went great.

The recording did not. Without text spoken or written this image does not make enough sense.

I will just add that NOW I understand why the project 2 has three different tasks and they are all one project, which yes, confuses at the beginning. Because in any level, inside any level, one can do projects in any order. It is only inside a Project, that one can give tasks to do in order.

In level one, we also learn, to differentiate between a Speech and a Project. A project may have many tasks to do, in order or in case of project 3 in any order, and only then give a speech about it in the way, or some of the way it is asked.

It was not a catastrophe as the Panel itself even if a bit confusing when well, was useful, and I still hope that my co-host recording went well too.

PS I found a version well recorded to a computer and then uploaded to the youtube. One whole hour, that I can not cut, or do not yet know how, as it was not recorded by me. Should I publish 1h?

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