20 May 2019

For whom was Pathways designed, intended?

The last Region was rolled out the 15th May a years ago. We celebrated! A day after, I got a letter from TMI to begin in my online club. And a day after, I was Toastmaster at Firebirds Collective: we invited Pat Johnson to tell us about its creation. One TM asked her:
Pathways designed for whom? She answered bellow personas.
5. Toastmaster for whom English is not first language.
4. The senior retired who wants to continue learning.
                               --- those are me ---
and also
3. Professional speaker needing a feedback from club
2. Mid manager to practice and learn skills.
1. Student, new professional needing to learn skills

To whom was it intended? <<<----

Click above to read. Or see the image. Or go to the title, date. I wrote that blogpost a year ago to tell what I learned from her. I feel it is still important to remember.

While Pat was no more present, when the user interface was decided, she was from 2010 all the way, till then. She explained in her Q&A many of decisions made of the beginning. Hope, somewhere I did publish that video, or Firebirds did. Today, just wanted to get back at the important: for whom is Pathways?

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