22 May 2019

Toggle Directions and answer then Next.

What to do? The answers covered with gray?
I decided to make a post by problems some of us found on our ways. One at a time. Or two...
Nowhere is written : click on the Direction button which, in this case. Is a Toggle. Meaning, one click hides the upper part of the window, another click reveals it and makes it accessible again. Alas, click on any other place then on the blue Directions, does not work. Bellow, now the upper part is revealed.

Just make sure, you continue with NEXT and not the arrow right, till all questions answered.

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Canadian Dodd Family said...

I still have to thank you Julie for pointing out the hidden > arrow over 2 years ago. And Matthew for pointing it out to you.

This year I have been in the Computer/(Inter)net field for 50 years and thought I did not have to ask for help. However, you solved my problem in 10 mins. And by using Zoom.us as our connection from London, UK to me on the west coast of Canada, it was easy to see.