28 May 2019

Courage of online toastmasters

When you are determined, you learn to dance in the rain.
I will never forget when one of the toastmasters from Philippines come just 2 days after flood that made them come out of their house - showing pictures with her in water almost above elbow! That was almost a year ago at Emperors Online Toastmasters, not yet chartered.

Yet having it, setting examples, letting members and future members come was so important!

Today, another example, this time in the Chartered Royal Roads Toastmasters, in Victoria Islands, Canada, we had a meeting all from online in an remote access Thursdays, online Mondays club. One of the leaders fell and got into hospital. He did give a speech from his hospital, using first his phone then also his computer! Even, recording the meeting. He got stitches on his front and he spoke still linked to different places that look how he is doing. He not only was with us, but told us the story how he got there and how great the hospital care improved.

Brian Dodd, is one of the Pathways Trailblazers, but also of Online community. In his Table Topic answer, he told us that he intends to go next year to the Toastmaster convention, in bike all the way from London! He will be soon 80.

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