29 May 2019

Finished a Level: now what? Declared in 2 places.

We crossed a river, finished an Award: 68 comments in Pathways Discussion about it
At the beginning, I felt the same as Shawn. I asked also why the Level Completion from Basecamp is not linked to the Award recognition in Club Central? 

Beside, that is would be convenient in many cases and beside that the two are created in different platform, I told myself "they should be linked". They are not linked. 

After we signal the Basecamp, that we did indeed finished the Level, and one of the Basecamp managers approves it, we can continue to the next level, all the projects of that level at our fingertips. Basecamp managers: Vice President of Education, President or Secretary, any of them can, entering Pathways as Basecamp manager open the Pending Requests and with a click on the grey Y approve our Level. Best, tell one of them we finished, instead of relying where our BC level recognition request goes, as for now.

But the award is not yet recognized by TMI. Someone from the Committee of the club, any of them this time, and not only the VPE, even if usually she does it, has to go to the Leadership Central -> Club Central > Add Education Awards ->Name -> Award to add, as usual and add our award. The paths we are in arrive, and the next Level that was not yet awarded.

What is the ADVANTAGES I found. 

The district leaders may want to show awards as soon as possible, but the clubs, have advantage sometimes, when enough awards have already recorded, to wait till the next Toastmasters year, and record in July, so it "counts". Also because any member can have only, as before, one kind of award in a year that "counts" in the DCP.  

Second, for those of us who are in more then one club, it does permit to decide to which club we want to offer the Award of our Level. I usually look or ask, see which needs it. Not depending on where I gave most speeches. I learned that two years almost when the President wrote me "now spread your wealth also to others". So for some Levels, I attribute and ask as soon as I finish, but for others, as Level 5th, I waited months till the District the club was "rolled out" and had the right to give Pathways awards. 

For the clubs where I am in the Committee, I can look directly who needs it, for the others, I ask. Remember, the PATHS are ours as are the LEVEL Awards, we decide and I do love that indeed. 

We decide of course also, when more then one club, which one we declare as our "Base Club" of that day we finish a Level as only the BCM of that club will be able to approve our Level Completion. The VPE of the other club, can not even see it. Unless, we switch club. And yes, we can ask one club to approve it in the basecamp, and other club to declare it to the TMI Awards. They are not linked either. 

Alas, for the moment, someone may declare for us an award we did not finished in basecamp - hopefully, that does not happen often. The two are really not linked at all.

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