16 May 2019

Make connections through networking

Created slides to show during my speech, but did not have a projector. The TM who did have ours, got ill, was in hospital.

I think, my story was better and more interesting, and I got to speak more about Pathways and how I like to help, instead of waisting time with images.

Still, would like to show some here at least from those I prepared.

One is from the Division Conference, when I not only got my Triple Crown, good surprise, but make or warmed up again connections. Networked. 
Here three moments together. The Mystery speaker, the District member giving the triples, and the Division Governor with us in the room.

We make connections and may Network also through a remote access meeting, all the way from London to Oregon, USA.

Or meet a 18 years old Chinese girl, just out of high school, the first time in a Toastmaster meeting, through an online meeting. Tiger and Michelle, from Oregon, Zaldy from Manila, Carole and Graham from Australia, Federico from Holland and Svetlana from Uzbekistan. 

I met someone from London, last week, by surprise and made a great contact that gave me other contacts as we continued to be in touch with each other after the meeting. Today, will meet a President of a nearby club needing Pathways advices to its members. That IS real Networking. Not just a "project" we speak about.

The Project make me only more aware of it. 
and advances me with one more project. This is a Required Level 3 in my path, but still 1 Elective, to finish the Level.

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