10 May 2019

Tiny improvement? Just learned it!

There is no such thing as 'Tiny improvement" ! All are welcome. Tiny is only the small sign in the corner when you open a path, when you are inside a path.
I added an OVAL there so you can see where it is. If we click on it, the tiny sign takes us "Home" the same as the grey button that appears when we hover over Home and go under it takes us. To our paths. So, if we have, we can choose another path.

It tells me, perhaps soon, we could access the Tutorials and Compatibility check same way, and we will be getting rid of the "click on the grey under the button". I am an optimist.

Meanwhile, I suggest you try that button yourself, when you are on any level of your path.

Oups! Went back to that place, Level 4 for me, but there above any level, and discovered, there is more, not only the tiny HOME button.

Each of that leads to another place.
The tiny button leads HOME outside Educational Transcript. A click on my name leads to My Profile. The Education Transcript leads inside it. And the Engage Humor, in my case to the page where I can access the path from the beginning.

Try them out, one by one!

That is where HOME leads.

and that is where Education Transcript above the Level that I showed leads.
So click try experiment, with time it we learn and it is all there for us, depending what place we want to jump!

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John said...

Looks Great - thanks Julie