7 Oct 2017

Create a 3 minute videos: about what?

I was asked now by more then one Pathways Guide or Ambassador or future Base Camp Manager: could you please Vblog? Or create some short videos? About what?

Why is it called Base camp? Who manages it in each club? 

Here is a fantastic picture from Kevin Broughton Video about Pathways, created in March already! Aha. Now I do understand Base camp, from where we go toward different path!

I will not make a separate Vblog when the videos can be published here. But could try to create some. Some already volunteered as audience, as I need at least one! Each time, can be different, and we could Zoom together. The zoom recording it.

What subject to talk about? I need your input. And volunteer to ask a question, I could answer to. Let us Zoom! 

I also begin to understand: if one path I go or one project does not prove the "one" then stop, think, change a bit direction. Transition is not easy. I found this in my book about Managing Transition that I have to read again. William Bridges, Managing Transition.

Well, I hope that by writing day by day, at least me i do it. 

Try to inform, to explain, through my own experience. 

Should I do it with less personal stories in it? that is my style, and I do believe stories work better then information, facts.

I just have to make sure that the information is not lost between so many "personal" of course.

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