24 Oct 2017

It is good to work on multiple path

With multiple path, I can attribute my speech when occasion comes, to one or the other, what is of course needed to a club I visit, or a speech I am asked to make.

1. I organised the Thursday special Pathways Stories Themed meeting: it fits with the next required project of Level 3 of my Leadership Development. I am not getting any recognition with being a panelist, but do get for having planned, and organised it together with many, the Themed meeting.
2. Only one hour later, I was asked to do a Q/A session for Pathways Guides and show them my path. In the 4th level, at Leadership Development is the Q/A as an elective: wonderful.

3. I will monitor a Panel Discussion the 4th November, one of the requisites in my Presentation Mastery Path Level 5

4. Offered to visit a club in Oregon and was asked if I want to speak about my Pathways Experience, a few days later in November. Reflect on your path can be interesting to them and at the same time, it is requested to close the Level 5 of the Presentation Mastery path.

5. In another club, as I visited, last week, there was a place left and I could tell the story of my very firsts Leadership role in my work, at age 33. The first project from the Level 2 of Effective Coaching path: they liked it a lot.

So it is good to work on different levels and path, even better of course to have one Path, for me Visionary Communication completed, because I could not read some of the Elective Projects before I get there... but can always go back, even if I did not download them all, and read, be able to prepare toward the end of a Level what will come next. Here is what I work on these days:
Mentor program not a path: from Level 3, 3 then 6 month

Of course I am so lucky that I wander around in different clubs, all around the globe. Some already on Pathways, in Oregon, or Malaysia, others to be soon in Australia or New Zealand. 

And each time I met new toastmasters as well as known one, already my pals. Learn something new listening seeing, as well as I can take roles in the meeting as needed.

Pathways combined with Online roaming, visiting, is a winning combination!


Jess said...

Toastmasters question for you. How were you able to register for multiple pathways at the same time in a single club? Would love to know. Thanks.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Just did buy a new path. They are ours, not the club. But in 2017, I was member of three remote access clubs, already on Pathways