25 Oct 2017

Preparing to be a Panelist : George Marshall moderating it

this was designed by Sudha Mani
I planned and organised the meeting as VPE but with the special theme "Pathways Stories". Tomorrow morning I will see how it will be "implemented" : I hope all goes well.

Our special guest, George Marshall, Chief Guide of first Pilot District who got "pathways" will tell us about his experience and also will be the panel moderator. I am only one of the panelists, but still have to prepare for the questions he and the audience will ask from me. Michelle is Pathways Guide in her District. Sudha just begun pathways 3 weeks ago, and tomorrow, with her speech will finish Level one! She will be Evaluated by Carole, a Guide and Trainer, followed by, instead of TTM ,: Pathways Topic Master, Mathilde. All to end by a feedback of Paul White, Chief Ambassador of the Second Pilot District, and also member of our online club.

If any of you who read this want to come as guests, the link zoom number is in red, the time too.

I will try to have a project advanced, Planing and Implementing, in my Leadership development.
Planning and implementing is the Required project in my level 3, and implies to create a small event with a team, for example they propose a Themed Meeting in the club. That is what I am doing. Pathways Stories, the theme of all the meeting. 

Already completed my two elective Projects, so with this, tomorrow I will be able, by noon, to go Level 4. For almost every occasion, there is a project helping, suggesting and advancing the knowledge of how to do it. I discovered what is inside "planning and implementing" only when I got to level 3, till then I could not open it. But in short, all are described in the resource called Path and Projects available online, that I also saved to my disk. 

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