28 Oct 2017

Each of us has a story that only we can tell

Attributes of a professional speaker, for the Prepare to Speak Professionally, Level 5 (20 min or more) and not only once (also only one is required for this project one can chose in some path and is required in others). But then, it is added: Tell a Personal Story - a main story, eventually even a few shorter stories. As stories linger. Stories stick. Stories convince a lot more then facts.

Use your story to build a professional level speech. That is also what Witty Storytellers is about. In fact in my opinion, everyone has many stories to tell. But some no one else can tell then them. We have stories that are unique to us, and at the same time universal. Reaching all others.

How you make the best connection? Of course, body language, looking, voice count too, but mostly a personal story.

Here how it is expressed in the project. "Unique perspective" that does give your message.

On another subject now, as it is end of the month, I looked what posts were most looked at the last month. Here they are the visits (not all time but just last month).

How to arrive to Base camp, Managing time project, Suggesting improvement, and "me vip?" where the three most read posts. And I begun to have comments, and learn how to read/answer!
Preparing to be a Panelist, and "oups! my desktop is a mess", multiple path (after finishing the first, I would add now), The best time is NOW, are all from October, but But the tenth post is from July. Interesting mix of posts and visits. The other post were visited also, day by day, but by less.

I decided to try at least. Make a short video, from Level one on, project by project. Remembering. That is a plan, at least. Not going to happen soon, as I have still a Panel monitoring for 4th November, and wonderful panelists, each so different! We have to plan it together so we will be complementary and I have to menage to make feel each of them special, as they are.

I am no more in the sky but on the earth with legs planted on it, so it will have to work, and I will work on it. I hope, the video will be showing each in bigger size, and we will see the emotion coming from each of us as we recount, the story of your encounter with pathways.

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