6 Oct 2017

Me a VIP ? Special flyer designed by Kevin, Ablaze VPE

Zoom link, picture, flag and hours, waw! And recording the meeting. Replaying later again.

I am excited to deliver a 10 minutes Inspirational about Pathways online, followed by 5 minutes questions and answers tonight. I just hope, I will succeed to be inspirational.

The story what I gained mostly from embracing with enthusiasm, stumbling through wrinkles and learning to iron them. The story how wonderful is when someone helps you through some problems: from then on, you become "specialist" and can help others. I hope, also the story of friendship and camaraderie. It is not easy to tell all that in ten minutes only!

I was asked, now the third time to create short videos about my journey, what you think?

Zaldy, from the Emperor Online already did show a video of one of my stories to his land club! I even do not remember any more well what I said then, in visit to them. But he liked it.

You know, what is needed to become Expert? 
Make just a step before the others.

Learn one thing they do not yet know then tell them. Help them out about something from which you just come out. Embrace Pathways as early as you can!

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