18 Oct 2017

To Navigate the web Navigator? Slides great and up to date!

8722 The Navigator, I had on my hard disk. I looked at it six month ago, even asked someone to print it for me on her computer. I looked again. Even now, on the saved copy, page 13, it does say, the second shipment is : Level 3 manuals, + Level 3 Electives, and, optional, the Mentoring Program Manual.

Do you read the same thing as I did at the beginning of April and still there now? It clearly is written, in the second shipment, when you have completed Level 1 and Level 2 and VPI wrote to HQ about it, you will be shipped "LEVEL 3 ELECTIVES". It does not say, two of the 15 programs, without you could chose which you want. 

It does explain the trepidation with which I waited to got all those electives in print!

When I asked in a Facebook Online Club, "where does it say, who says that you get only 2 "electives" that you do not elected at the second shipment, I was answered "it is there", the clubs are told. Then I was told "The Guides tell it at their first visit in clubs." So much to tell at that first visit! Anyone remembers hearing it?

But now, as it is possible that I will also become a Guide, I was send a few places to visit on the TMI web, one of them was the NAVIGATOR Slide-Show, there before I go BaseCamp.
It took some time to understand how these slides work, and also to get used to look at the MENU discreetly up left opening up when clicked on it. We can jump the texts about meetings, committee, etc and go directly to the Pathways. Also, one can see different slides with to different arrows, one in the black "board" the other in the blue under all. And one can also navigate with MORE in red here. Does not matter how, but yes! I got to this page. It does say, for Printed copy you have to wait a time. Did I wait! 

This picture, which comes with a wonderful animation said all, or almost. Lot os things come with a Path in the Base Camp, and the other side, a lonely Printed Material.
When you see it: which one would YOU chose? Of course, you have to arrive and see.

And, we are not yet finished yet. I found the page where we are told, even if at that level not everyone understand its importance. With Printed material you got Evaluation Resources (there are in your manual anyway) and limited projects.
Here it is! The first (and so far only) place where it is clearly said: Using Base Camp, Elective projects are available, With Printed Materials, Elective projects are Limited

Only the two "must electives at Level 3" instead of 15! and probably even less at L 4 and L5. And you can not chose, which one. I say probably, as I did refuse to continue beyond level 2, when I got the level 3 manual without the promised level 3 electives. I did buy instead the web path, and there I have again all the choices, all the goodies I wrote about yesterday.

Even if it not said clearly in this last slide how limited the Elective projects are for the Printed Material, it is there at last crystal clear. Same day, if you save and print Navigator, you still got the page 13 telling you, they will send you the Level 3 electives with the manual at same time.

It is easier to change a slide then a paper copy, so in the paper copy this information is missing still. And one day, one more slide will be added, I am sure, that says how many so called electives (chosen for you) are in each level in the Printed Material. And perhaps, I am an optimist, which one's. 

I am curious, to know which electives are chosen for you at level 4 and 5 of Presentation Mastery, but not curious enough, to go and do the two electives I got, that are not my choices. Best go through other paths before, and you can bet, all will be inside the Base Camp. 

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