21 Oct 2017

Suggest specific improvements

I did find an important problem and I do suggested an improvement. 
In the printed Presentation Mastery manual Level 3 there are 3 projects: 
  • Persuasive speaking, 
  • Storytelling and 
  • Deliver Social speeches.
In the wonderful Storytelling project, "elected" for us by TMI: 
  • on Page 6: "see the Descriptive language Elective Project, available online"; 
  • on page 8: Consider reviewing Understand vocal variety, Effective body language and other elective projects available online, for effective speech delivery."

Alas, none of those above mentioned electives (or any projects) are available for a Toastmaster who selected and paid for a Printed Path in the Manual I received
Reading those hints to access online resources to improve delivery of a story, as to now, projects still not available for those with Printed Manuals, produces frustration. I was so frustrated I abandoned the printed path that day, hid the manual. Yesterday as I found and read it again, it still hurts me when I read those paragraphs again. 
Suggestion : Either allow access to these resources, to all on Pathways, whatever they use Base Camp or Printed Material, or take out from the Printed manuals all the paragraphs about accessing them. Perhaps, an editing software could do it? Then print a special version for all who need printed and can not access Base Camp on web.
I hope, if many of us suggest it, we will be heard. And the suggestion taken. I do believe, this is a very positive suggestion. Then no one will left frustrated. We can enjoy the Paths, even if we have no choices, "electives" to chose. We could enjoy them a lot less when we become aware all we can not do. 

Strangely, I am aware "this is life" but still hurts that what I imagined in my mind "Reading ALL Electives of Level 3 after I finished my level 2 Projects." did not materialise and that in the manual the hint to read them is there. Perhaps no more now? 

I am one of the lucky ones. Because I did buy very fast the Visionary Communication in Base Camp, as the Printed Manual I ordered and paid, did not come for too long time (I was between the pioneers then: they finally found out that the order from TMI to those printing and sending did not get through). 

Inside the Base Camp, at Visionary Communication, when I got to level 3, I had access to ALL electives. I did chose two or three even, but read many and can read them again and again. They do remain there for us, even after we completed all the path. We just have to Launch... wait a bit, then there they are!

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