11 Oct 2017

When Pathways Month will finally arrive to you

I got today a letter, and for sure it was an error, even if I guessed after many hours awake why. It does show, how will be the letter we will receive, when finally Pathways (and the guides) arrives to our club. (The bold below is from me). Reading it again, with morning eyes, I see the letter bellow is send AFTER the Guide and Ambassador visits, not before. Strange. Probably, other letter is "before".
Dear Club Officer,

The new Pathways learning experience is launching in your district this month! Your Pathways Guide and Ambassador should have already been to your club. If they haven't, schedule a club visit now by contacting your Pathways Guide. If you don't know who your Pathways Guide is, contact the program quality director (PQD) for more information. Locate the PQD's contact information on your district website.

This club visit is necessary to prepare your members for Pathways and will include a presentation with helpful information and training on how to start. Please make time at one of your next club meetings for your Pathways Guide and Ambassador to deliver the presentation and answer any questions your members may have. 


Toastmasters International

This message has been sent to all club officers as well as the district director, program quality director and club growth director in your district
It is years that I waited to have a similar letter, as one of the Ambassadors, of course I will be aware at least a month before when it does arrive. Of course, the problem with this is only, that I still believe that most Pathways Guide and Ambassadors do not have the possibility to experience the program, before the day it arrives to their District. Theory and Written Material, and Videos are wonderful, but do not replace the real thing.

One thing, all can do of course, at least Experience the Icebreaker, free for all, Toastmasters or not, on the bottom of the page in TMI website, Pathways Education System Information. Or as me, become member of a club already in.

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