4 Oct 2017

Why did we join? Why are we still Toastmasters?

I do believe it is time, that we stop. Ask ourselves the question: why did I join Toastmasters?"

I got asked : "Will be triple crown in pathways?" Also "Why the titles we have do not transfer?" and so on. Endings are not easy. I do understand.

But did we really come to Toastmaster to get awards? 
The awards with initials not many understand really: even most of the toastmasters in our club do not! 

Beside me, first time around, at age 43 going to a toastmasters to the club to find a man. And even I did not found what I was looking for, what I did found was my voice and courage to speak up instead, most arrive to get courage to speak in public, or to socialise. Very few arrive to be recognised.

Why did YOU Join?

Pathways, do recognise the work of each of us faster, the levels need maximum five, most of the time three, rarely 2 speech only, but yes, more preparation. We do learn, we do develop for ourself not to get Initials or Titles! Even not badges that we can put as decoration!

What all this has to do with time management? That is the project that I have to study now and even if grumbling, I got into it and read about it. 

I begun to think: What is Urgent? Getting to next level is not. Even if feels nice. 

What is important? Being with my granddaughter  I was with her this afternoon! Loosing weight so i could walk better. I will go to a weight loosing meeting every week. Also important for me is meeting new people, being with nice people online.

What is less important? Going to meetings that waste my time, do not let me talk, where I came out angry or upset instead of uplifted and happy. I have at least 10 clubs to chose from, so I have to chose! In October, I will go only where I felt happy last time I went. Useful. So I begun noting what I do with my time and managing better my life.

We can not manage the Time: it is constant, but we can manage what we do with it! The Time Management Project in Level 2 of my Leadership Development plan finally proves most important for my life. That IS pathways those are Pathways Projects. Helping us and not for one more project done, but in our life, and yes, also outside Toastmasters.

Writing this blog day by day is IMPORTANT for me. Not only do I find it useful, but it brings me joy and purpose to wake up in the morning. Even joy when I write it after a full day.

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