14 Oct 2017

Where is the selected path and my levels & projects?

Why should that need to be added to the picture of someone, here our Virginia club guide, Jenny, how to launch our project? 

I did wonder for long time, why the most used box is the SECOND one, and why its name is "My Education Transcript" instead of "My Paths and Projects". Still hope, one day this will be changed. Plus, one goes so seldom to Feedback and Badges, why do they need a box here? 

Because it is not clear, at the beginning, that we find the projects and path in the second box with that name on it, some beginners in Pathways are confused. I was for a time, too. Of course, once you know, you click even without thinking and looking at its title. 

We discovered, when we connect with someone through Zoom, free software, not only the pro, we can share our screen. One at a time showing hers (or his). Show directly how you enter pathways and base camp and arrive to your projects. I was happy to see that even a video (showed just the beginning) can be shown through this way, and let my mentee or mentor see what I am doing, and let ask or answer questions. 

Yesterday morning I was with Magda, we shared screens, first she hers then me mine. She from New Zealand, me from England. We also had some funny time together. It is wonderful to connect, really feel near someone!

Pathways let me do it, so come with your questions! Your problems. Happy to meet!

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