26 Oct 2017

Sudha Mani: Level 1 in Three weeks!

Sudha Many told us her story this morning, it was the last from Level 1 of Dynamic Leadership. With this, she achieved what she put forward her, in three weeks only she heard she could join Zald's Emperors, in Manila, from the north of England! Determination, work and asking every place "where may I give my next?"

One progress fast in Pathways, when one wants to. In plus, she made lots of new friends on the way. Today, this is the second post but I could not stop to publish it. So many helped her on the way: that is how toastmasters work.

Today, George Marshal also finished a project Moderating a Panel, and me, Planning and implementing by Organising a Themes meeting. Just one more ticked of for us, even if we worked on it
. But this achievement, Sudha's first level achieved is the very special, never forgotten.

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