23 Oct 2017

Going from one place to another

Is going to place to place is named "rooming"? Meandering? I like to do also specific things, go back to see what is new, but often while going from place to place I discover wonderful things.

There is a new Facebook group, called "Pathways Discussion Forum" 

Brian Dodd, with whom I discovered 6 month ago a way to access remote GC and begin Pathways, asked a question there. He wanted to find a club in Oregon that allowed Remote Access. It must have been late night his time, in Vancouver, it was early morning in Europe for me. I read the answer to his request, and went to see what I can find about the recommended club, who meets, as I have seen first from the TMI at 7am in the morning, Pacific Time. From there I went to their website, their blog. 

Of course, ;-) blogspot as this blog! here is where their blog lead me later, Yakuina Toastmasters club's guide presentation.
They begun the club's blog January 2016. I already found a wealth of information in it! They have lots about pathways, and that is how I discovered, going from month to month backward, from title to title, a 30 minute presentation by their Guide! Here is the youtube pic of it.

Also found in other posts, two recorded zoom sessions, "pathways support" with the Guide : questions asked, and answered as well as the Guide could, and when she did not know the answer she come back with it later. 

So much can be discovered and learned from going from place to place, blogs and posts! I hope, you discover some useful information also in this blog. 

As for the 30 minute youtube presentation by the Guide, I published it on my Facebook page (and my own club Fb group). 30 minutes of it, even I felt too much to absorb in one time, I will have to go back later and listen to the whole. 

After seeing the short Q/A videos in the same blog, I am more then decided to do something similar. One question, one answer each. Short and sweet... Anyone of you did already do ? We have to complement each other. 

For the moment, preparing to be a panelist Thursday for George Marshal at Witty Storytellers Online.  
One of the things we were asked in the Panel Project, is not only to lead a panel, but return the curtesy and also become a panelist. Only those leading get a project completed for it, but we learn either way and help others too. Those of you who read this blog post could also attend to it. 

At 8 am the same day, I will be answering Q/A from some Pathways Guides in Australia; showing how I navigate inside my Base camp, through Zoom's Screen sharing. A very busy morning! Coach Carole is organising it. She calls me "Pathways Pioneer" ! I felt, this more important then any TMI award I can get. I just try to follow the vision I set to myself, during the time when I become Visionary Communication Proficient: help in the transition from the "legacy program" to Pathways in any way I can. 

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