2 Oct 2017

How to begin, step by step

Let us suppose, you did stop already your popup blocker from your browser: Safari, Chrome, etc. first and got into the Toastmasters International website with your email and password. Allow popups.
After I logged in, I chose Education, then Pathways learning experience (later made a shortcut). There was no Pathways yet in the choice. Nor did I know, one can use "Welcome Julie" as I do nowadays.

So I do begin, my journey... A year later, the Pathways Base Camp is now in the middle.
Now, 2018  the Login is in the middle
The Navigator tells you about Toastmasters, meetings, roles, and so on. To read sometimes and also all new in Toastmasters, when you do not have yet one. Most of the time just click on the third rectangle Pathways Base Camp, and "log in as a member". 

It is there because for the VPE, Base Camp Managers (and president and secretary) there is also the choice here to "login as Base camp manager". 
I can now link here directly too. From Welcome Julie! I arrive directly inside the Educational Transcript.

I am "in" Base Camp now. Usually I go directly to "My Education Transcript" to work on my projects. In other posts, I wrote about the other choices but I use them seldom. When one has more then one Path, then we first have to choose which Path's project to work on just now. 

I am currently working on my Leadership Development, so I go there and Open Curriculum, name inherited from an education system. The others will wait for now. A year later, again on Leadership Development - in French.

I click on "Open Curriculum" at right of Leadership Development. Till did not read it at all, "Activate". For a project, it also asks you to Activate first, from then one we can say "Launch"
I just finished Level 1 of this path : here are the projects we see them first. 

And in the image Leadership Development, View Certificate means, I did not print or save yet that "Achieved Level 1" of this path. Well, I have to change ink in my printer... My FIRST Level 1, I did print it fast, put on the wall, published in social media, and so on. Was prouder then when I did finish my first whole Path!

Before showing you my next level, where I am now, let is see what is inside Evaluation and Feedback: three different tasks! They are explained below. 
Level 1 is the only one who has 5 Tasks, needs 5 different meetings. Later tasks may be less, but take longer and longer to complete. 

Before you read and study and go through screens, videos, etc. you have to answer to as many Assess your skills Before as there are small rounds. Next, next, next, etc. than at end, save. DO NOT SKIP this task, essential! 

The screen bellow, tells YOU that you answered also ASSESS your Skills - AFTER, and did thus signal to Base camp, that you finished the project.

After you finished all three task of Evaluate and Feedback, or one task of an other project, you are asked again the same Assessment After questions and have to answer again all. After you save them you are presented with the above comparison between Before and After. When it does appear, Base Camp considers your Project Completed. VPE does not have to approve all Projects, only levels.

Only when answered ALL Before and After, this comparison is shown! If not see it, go back to see if you answered ALL questions Before and After having completed your tasks, and saved them both. When you see this screen, still have to wait a bit, then, suddenly appears that the Base camp considers your Project you are working on Finished. Later, I discovered that it appears even if you did not answer the Before questions... Only the AFTER is Necessary... to close a project. But please, do not answer, unless you did complete all tasks asked.

Let us look again, a few screens above, where I have shown, my Level 1 projects were all approved. Only then, the Base manager, VPE usually, is send a note or, you can of course ask him to look and approve your Level. Once it is done, then Level Completion has also a check. 

Now, that my level 1 for Leadership Development was recognized by my club's VPE, in Base Camp, he has still to add it to Club Central in TMI. But least now, approved in Base Camp, I can open up my projects from my next level. 

Here it is my next task: Managing time. That is specific and Required for this path. That is my current task and I will achieve it till Friday Evening. I was asked to give a speech and I will use this is one. It ask me to note the times spend in my days, for a while, and how much time I spend for the different tasks necessary to prepare the speech also at the end. What is the most urgent, what is most important: think of it. Learn of time management, in general.

As noting time is not my forte, probably will have to repeat this project a few times. But no one can tell me to "do it again" so I will consider it done by Saturday. No one of course tells me I can not try and note where I am spending my time, again and again. If I want to or feel the need to do so. Or even speak about it again, at a later, time.

There are projects I loved more then others and did already a few times! 

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