9 Oct 2017

How did Online Toastmasters club begun? Silvana

Just when I wondered, how to make two or three minute videos, I got a visitor, home.

Silvana and me we know each other from the first days I discovered Online Toastmaster club exist: I had my leg it cast.

Once, when she come to London, we met, I invited her to a meeting of Workshop leaders and then eat in a Chinese Restaurant, today, she come to see me. 

I showed her the Zoom backgrounds, and we played with them, here is the result. Then I told her about my plan to make and ask online clubs and members to create short videos. "I can do it now! What you want it about?" Well, about our clubs. About our clubs and meetings, I answered. Before she left, she made three. Waw!

Let me see if I can upload one of them from my disk direct, without passing through youtube. That is the first one, speaking of old days, beginnings of Online Toastmasters. Experimenting, trying, wanting to happen, realising how much could offer if it does. 
The speed she created it, the interesting story, the memory that come out and also way of telling stupefied me. The only thing she asked me to stay across her: she needed audience. 

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