17 Oct 2017

What level you enjoyed most?

I did not hesitate when asked "What level you enjoyed most?" : LEVEL 3

Beside 1 required task, specific to the path, at this level three you chose 2 others you want, from 15 projects!

And, it seems, more preparing soon.

There is a CHOICE; before choosing, and even after, you can read any of those projects : one more interesting then the others!

At my first path, I opened almost all! I felt like a kid in a bonbon store when suddenly she can chose!

It was not so easy to decide. What do I chose? Storytelling that I know better, or Creating Visual aids, I am less familiar with?

Connect with the Audience, what is in this project? Is the Voice Variety interesting? Presentation software?
What means Active Listening ?

Some of the projects where really fun to implement. Active Listening, in the club near me was a role as Table Topic Master, and then telling what I understood from their answers combined with body language.

Connect with the Audience, even more fun, and was wonderfully prepared by a team working with the VPE of the club. While I spoke, I was interrupted a few times of different audience types played masterfully by my fellow toastmasters members. The feedback is not on my 20 minute slide presentation on Zoom backgrounds, important in itself, but on how I handled the interruptions. Want to see the results? The link takes you to the blog post & Video of of my Presentation.

It seemed not too bad, even the more vehement one!

In another path, I chose Voice Variety, and liked it so much, that repeated it. Not because the first did not go well, just to be able to try different ways, described in the Project.

Inspire your audience, was chosen for my other path, recently. Not an easy project, and I used it to tell personal stories about me and my pathways experience. The feedback was that I got here and there off the path. But the results were that at least two of the participants were really inspired and acted on that. When we can reach at least one person at each presentation, storytelling, change something in their lives, in any way, we did not do it for nothing.

Be aware: Do NOT BUY the Printed Version of a Path: NO CHOICES ALLOWED.
You are given, at level 3 manual two "electives" chosen for you without your own input. All the joy of reading all the different electives are taken away also. Nor reading, nor saving or printing, repeating. No choosing. So unless you have no access to the web, chose path that are not "printed" for you in advance.

I was asking many Toastmasters "Where it is written "if you chose Printed material your choices are limited?" They could not answer. "The Guides tell it to the club, when they visit." Well, not enough. But as usual, looking for something else, I did find the answer. It is written inside the NAVIGATOR. A guide book all the beginning of the pathways materials, before you enter Base camp, that I never really read. In plus, I think it was ameliorated, these six month sometimes.
Electives in Printed Material? Limited. I would say "none" because they can not be elected. This picture perhaps describes it even better.
So, which would YOU chose looking at this picture? As for me, I do not regret my switch to BC.

I have loved other Levels too, for different reasons, but most of the  joy came from Level 3 projects.

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