10 Oct 2017

Ten most visited, most reached posts.

I was asking myself, about what part of pathways create first short videos?

Why not chose the subjects of the ten most popular posts from this blog?

Two of them are not really "me" but even there I can talk about what they said. 

I do already have 3 snippets by Silvana, who just popped them up with speed at my demand! One about the history of Online Clubs, the other about the new ease to go nowadays online, and the third, I did not ask, about how we got to know each other and me.

I met her at my first ever online club. Now there are almost 15! Still not a great number, but that means that many of us know well each other.

We also visit, speak or take roles in each other clubs. And offer panels!

My Pathways panel in New Zealand is Beginning of November. Of course, also online. Magda and Kevin invited me. There, Pathways does arrive in November. Alas in Europe they put it again it seems farther, to spring.

Well, till then, I have a lot to do. 

This are the "most visited" posts last month, not all the time. And, all are by me! 
It does make me happy when I see the map and how far aways places come to visit me, visit and read my blog. I dream of those places, even.

Sometimes the road before me was not smooth, but I did continue walking.

Now, I am near the end of the second path, perhaps by mid-November finished. And at the third level of my third.

As I go a learn a lot, understand deeper and enjoy even more.

I already know how to avoid pitfalls: the joy of discovery and new remains.

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