13 Oct 2017

"Do not be impatient!" Did I say this?

I did mentor or coach or just help a bit, three different Toastmasters lately. One of them just begun and complained: "It takes so many steps to go there, to my path and project!" Was it me that answered, "well only a few clicks and a bit of waiting and your ARE there?"

I do remember, at the beginning, six month ago, I felt it also long and was not happy of so many clicks. Now, sometimes I click so fast, do not even realise and there I am inside My Transcript and the current path I work on, downloading again. "Launching". When you open a new project you Activate it, when you open it again, or after you finished also you Launch. Of course, the good part is you can go back to any path you did, any Level already done and look again at the project, or, if you did not save to your computer or print it at that time, do it now. Or, show it to someone.

You can see here the two electives I have chosen from Level 3 of Leadership Development, read and finished. I can "Launch" them again if I want. I could also "Activate" any other of the Projects and read or print them. I did not yet finish the main project, but already read it. So my level 3 is not yet finished.

Nowadays, I find the projects so fascinating that I forget the small wrinkles or some clicks in plus.

I found out what was the main problem in a second meeting, when she showed me her screen: She did not understand that she has to open the MY TRANSCRIPTS square, the name does not evoke, indeed "my paths and projects". The link above, my Transcripts underlined and in blue, will take you to my post, where I did describe the first steps. But now, I understand, even if the information is there, a lot in this blog, as with Pathways, it is not there at the tip of the finger, WHEN or Where you want it. 

The second, a Toastmaster from my online club, did want help with closing a project, and I showed her. Once understood, all the other time is similar. So that seems to me also "easy peasy" today. It was not so when I begun. We have to answer all Self Assessments Before, Save, then when finished all Self Assessments After, Save.

The third Toastmaster, a Trainer was the most interesting experience this morning, she is a Pathways Guide, but never seen a Pathways path, project opened and how you read and answer and so on. She recorded through Zoom our conversation, and could look at it again or show whole or part of it. The pleasure was the awe when she understood and got more and more enthusiastic. 

This morning, I have "done" the Connect with the Audience Project, then closed it while my third TM was watching. Connect with Different Audience, but inside the club as you know your audience, tell them something they do not know. I told about one sad event that happened to me when 16 and added also on the spot, some funny aside. Yes, they all laughed! I did connect, telling that today I am not shy any more but, alas, I do not look now as I did when 16. Perhaps, I will add it here, so will not go into more details today.  

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