27 Oct 2017

Pathways Panel Moderator George Marshal at Witty Storytellers

26th Oct 2017 Pathways Panel discussion
Moderated by George Marshal
Witty Storytellers Online
26th Octobre 2017


Raju Mandhyan said...

Great job, guys!

Very good moderation and great insights from Julie and Michelle. Bravo!

I have spent a few years in front of a TV camera and, of course, now Zoom is the new thing. And, I think it's a great platform...way better than many others.

May I offer a few camera, visibility tips, if that's okay.

1. Sit in front of backdrop / background which is plain, flat, solid. No patterns, no moving things.

2. Wear something that is also plain, solid and is in slight contrast to the background.

3. Make sure soft light, lights up your face softly. Take a few still shots and see how you look then get on video. Natural, daylight is the best.

4. See that depth behind you is a feet or two away. Refrain from sitting far away from a flat solid, back drop.

5. Stay not very close, and not very from the camera. Think of how passport agencies request for passport photographs. Your face should take up 40-60% of the real estate in the video camera. Make sure that your face and a bit of your neck and shoulders be seen.

Last, don't go jogging, walking or grocery-shopping when you zoom.

Good luck!

Loved the meeting of the 27th. I shall soon be Michelle's guest in one of her meetings. Maybe the GTO.


DTM, Raju Mandhyan, D75

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Lot of good points, Raju!
Want to write a blog post about then and elaborate?
Explain in even better detail.

Alas, usually we show the Speaker View video, lost this time. There the speaker can be a lot better seen.
Yes, I did learn to finally use plain "green background" that for me for now is Blue I borrowed from a video conference and changed with Photoshop Elements. And use a blue or back shirt one colour too, and also differentiate with my white hair.

Shoulders a bit is not enough: we can not use hands then. Walking? anyone walked during the video?

Yes, I did change all my living room to be able to sit farther then the wall, around 1 meter, that is 2 feet I think?

Light is not up to you, at least not the natural daylight, as we are in different times, global online club. So I put a stronger light but at least 2 ½ meters away from me and 3 ½ m from the wall behind me, 45 degrees.

Learned all this not long ago, from different Google sites and persons giving advice, but all this is new to most of us, so your advices and knowledge very appreciated! Please, think, and if you send me a "post" about all this, I will publish it in November in this blog.