16 Oct 2017

What is on my desktop? Why?

Sunday. All morning, well at least more then an hour, I worked to clean my desktop. So, when I make a Zoom demo showing my screen before going into Pathways, it seems better. Here it is as it looks now, the best I could do.
Not sure if it can be read, as it is? The deck, where all my programs I use often, at left side are hidden, they come back as soon as my mouse is at left side. On the egg, are the folders and images I have yet to handle or sort out. My last projects, last pictures that were not yet used, and so on. 

On the right side, under my disk image, download folder, upload image folder, are my Paths first. VC path, Visionary Communication that I finished has many useful information in it, PM path, Presentation Mastery, that will be finished in a month. LD path, Leadership Development, I am working on now (minus the last projects), EC path, Effective Coaching that sleeps for the moment. Under it a new folder I decided to use: Projects, inside it are projects and evaluations from all the path I downloaded, printed or not yet printed. As in the Electives they are mostly same for all path, it is good to have them together and be able to pick the one I need out of the hat. The folder.

Then come my clubs, WSO Witty Storytellers Online, where I am VPE and work with it most. My to Pathways clubs, DTMMaster and Speak-EZ from Arlington, Va and GTO, my last new online club where I am SgArms. Under them, all together my other clubs, each having a folder. 

Then comes Pictures, a folder about me and then with pictures I love but did not take. I could not do less. I need them all for easy access. At the bottom, Videos and Sounds, Zoom folder, SlideShow folder, my district folder, Documents, Blog folder is for used images from posts nowadays. 

It was as clean as I could do without hurting efficient work, with those around the egg changing as it goes, to remind me the tasks before me. 

After I did all this cleaning job, I relaxed and got to play looking at different youtube videos. Suddenly, one comes up How to Share in Zoom : https://youtu.be/Tvt5bR4lfrk

Interesting! I learned from it how to share only my browser in Zoom share screen, not all my desktop. We have to open our browser before click on the green Share and then select it, instead of our desktop. It seems that is it. So simple. This is what I can go directly then.

Cleaner, isn't it?

Do not regret the time spend cleaning my Macintosh appearance, it also made me think about the importance of different projects, and folders for me, right now. I am messy, by some people standards, but usually I do know where things are. Till someone changes that order, then I feel lost again, and have to look for my things, buried under other books or items. 

We do learn one thing at a time, and I am waiting now for the next zoom meeting to be able to try out my new knowledge. Soon going to the dentist, not my favourite things to do, then hopefully I will be able to write down the text that go round inside my head about my Pathways journey this last six month, in a few short minutes time. In a month, I will have a bit more time to reflect on my path that I will finish, and how much to tell about the up and downs I had with it, or best, what I learned from having gone through all that.

Some say, Toastmasters become their life, I could probably say, Pathways become for the last half year. Even if I did a bit more here and there, but that IS my last passion. Zoom is just a tool I use nowadays to connect with others to speak of... Pathways, mostly.

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