20 Oct 2017

Discover almost... by chance

We were discussing on my Facebook pals, on my page, if you can or not read Navigator before you are "in" Pathways. So I did go to Toastmasters International Website (Toastmasters.org) and did NOT LOG IN, to try if without logging in, I can or not look at the two, different versions of Navigator.

I went first down Education, click then Pathways Learning Experience. No Navigator there. But I am stubborn and continued. I put then "navigator" in the Search. I got a lot of different false answers but finally, I tried one of the many: Volunteers. Then I was offered to chose Accessories. And from there, I did try Ambassador resources. I like to try; even when it is written "you have to have password" to get these data. Clicked one after other, like once my grand-son did when he was here, on ALL of the resources one after the other.

ALL of them but one could be accessed! Downloaded. Read. Learned. Printed!

The only one, indeed who was not accessible, was the Navigator Slide Show, from which I have taken some shots for the Wednesday posting, speaking about the Printed Material No Electives L3. Yes, they chose for you, Social Speech and Storytelling, but it is not your election.

But the Navigator PDF, where it does say on page 13 that in the second shipment you get Level 3 Projects plus Level 3 Electives, can be accessed for all. It does show also, that the meeting structure and roles, committees,  so on, does not change with Pathways coming to us.

Another interesting resource that is there, is Pathways Paths and Core Competencies. And also the manual about Trainer. I just got to read the table of matter yet, but in does contain inside one pathways project I did not long ago: Dealing with difficult audiences. And another, also from a Pathways Project. Plus a few more pages I will be happy to read. All there for me now.

And of course, I do believe for all of you if you go there and find them. So many precious information is there, on the Toastmasters International website, if only we find them!

As for the online Navigator, you will be able to see as soon as you got into Pathways. The funniest thing I just discovered in it was this:
You have a special screen and animation to explain how to navigate the NAVIGATOR

Indeed, instead of having just one way, there are so many! The arrows that are in the bottom. The arrows that are in black fiend inside as a blackboard. < > the "content button", the i information, the BUTTON button, and in plus the Menu. Lot different each doing something. Not easy to decide which one to click or try. Finally I tried one the Menu, holding it one can go directly to the "interesting part" (for me) the pages about Pathways and even there to the subdivisions. 

When (or if you are already on pathways) take time to play with it. Even if for the moment, some gave me contradicting information At first, a wonderful demo about how more interesting is to decide on Base Camp instead of Printed Material for a Path. Then, when I tried an "i" information - or was it a button? a big field with a text come up, where again, it was written: at level 3 you get Level three project plus Level 3 Electives. Without adding: 2 electives elected for you.

At any way, I suggest all of you, wherever you are, go and log in - or not log in, into the Toastmasters International web and go discover the wealth of information that can be find there. And also get used to login, discover the latest articles, and so on. One always come out of it with something.

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