3 Oct 2017

Managing time? Managing what I do with the fix time!

My first reaction was: Why should I manage my time? 
Why should I spend time writing down what I do all along my day?
Why should I write down what is anyway in my head...

After reading, twice, the Level 2 project in my Leadership Development path, I told myself "OK, Julie : you can do it once. Write down how you spend the time till the next speech". 

Then, I found some funny and some interesting Images in Google. The above is the most funny perhaps, but it begun to tell me: Julie, you can do it! Write down, find out with what you spend three days. Or a week. A day, at a time, or an activity at a time.

Then, I found some videos, bad videos. Let them go. After that I found three interesting books. Two of them I could read online free, I begun reading them. One so so, the other excellent. I read 10% of a third book, not free but seems very well written. We'll see.

This picture has a list describing more or less what we are told. Think, what is your goal. Which of them more important. Use the SMART method. Delegate what you can, ask help. 

I do not "procrastinate"! I am not perfectionist! Rather assertive.

I  remembered a time of my life, when I created a company and worked 72 hours a week. Still found time, after a while to write a book, which was very important to me. And another.

I did succeed to make time for what mattered, what did bring me most joy.

Not only I could make money with the books, but had the joy of people coming in with some questions, others telling me how much it helped them.

I always liked to write. 

But the book I did need then, told me at the time, "do first what is more important" not what seems suddenly "more urgent". As I was all the time trying to do the urgent, and sometimes, realising the most important got farther and farther from me.

Tomorrow, my grand daughter comes to visit! That does matter!
I spend too much time yesterday in a meeting : will reduce them in October.
The connection with people through web takes up a lot of my time: but they do matter.

Yes, beginning to write down, how my time flies away, begin already to help. The time SPEND thinking about time and writing it down, will bring me more time, indeed.

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