19 Oct 2017

The best time is NOW, guest post by Magda van Rooyen

Magda van Rooyen, lives with her family in New Zealand. In 2 years she went from CC to ACG, from new toastmaster to mentor and Area director. President of the Three Kings Toastmasters Club in Auckland, New Zealand, and of Ablaze Online pre-charter which she is creating with Kevin Broughton from Australia. See here his design when I visited their club.

Magda realised, Pathways is arriving soon. Then she discovered this blog and begun reading all posts, one month at a time. She then invited me to speak at ABLAZE Online, see my post the 6th October, then… joined a club remote access to begun Pathways.  

Here is her post for us.
"In New Zealand, we are getting ready for Pathways to roll out next month. Some have the attitude of ‘I am not in a hurry.’ Others are eager beavers.  I am one of the latter. 
With the imminent New Zealand roll out in mind, I was searching for information on the Internet. I went onto TMI only to discover that the information is not that clear and I can’t really proceed. The Pathways system is not customer centric enough. I couldn't find my way by looking at the information on the screen. The next step was the “how to.” 

I did more searches. How lucky I was to discovered Julie’s blog posts
about her pathways experience. I started reading, life intervened and when I decided it is NOW or never, I tackled Julie’s blog sheer tenacity. It was a pleasure. Julie is clearly a hands-on person herself. I have made notes to come back to the technical posts again when I am doing Pathways. This blog is not only a guide, it is full of Julie’s wisdom. It is brimming with all the tricks she learned so far. 
Not long-ago Julie spoke as a guest at our online club, Ablaze Online Toastmaster Club. One specific sentence of Julie that is applicable to our NZ situation, stuck with me. ‘With a little bit of experience, you can help others. They will perceive you as the expert’. Keep learning, keep growing by sharing is what I have taken from Julie. 
Being a NOW girl, I shared Pathways 101 with our club members. Proposing them to try the Pathways Icebreaker provided to all by TMI. One of our members, Richard called me yesterday. He told me he can’t get access to the Pathways info from the TMI website. Richard was now in the same boat I’ve been in. With him on the phone, I went online to guide him through it. It did not work. He told me he changed his password the day before but it is already 24 hours past the time of reset.
I tried several things. Then Julie’s words came to the fore… ‘disable pop-ups.’ Richard said he is not sure how to do it. He said his son can help him that evening. After the call I went on to the website, copy and pasted the computer requirements and the steps on how to disable the pop-ups. I emailed it to him. My lesson for the future on this point? Send this information first before anything else. Only when it is done, proceed to help either in Zoom, Skype etc. or by phone. It will save a lot of time in future.
Magda already chosen her next path even
Later that same morning I realised that I am now in a club that is already in Pathways and that my information will look different on the screen to those members who are still waiting for roll-out. I then went into the TMI website and used the site as a new comer to TM. I quickly found the way. I have made screen prints to enable Richard to get his Icebreaker done. 
This morning I got an email from Richard to say that he has gained access according to the new screen prints. I am so glad. It is so energising to hear that I could help him. Suddenly I am the expert in a matter of weeks, just like Julie said!
My lesson for the future on this point? 
Investing a little bit of time in the here and NOW can make a difference in the life of someone else. It is like “paying it forward.” “Paying it forward” can only work with an action in the NOW. Therefore… I want to dare you. Start your new path on Pathways NOW. You will be so glad you did. "
Magda goes full spead ahead, now on Pathways, and she begun her first path the 10th Octobre through a club in Manilla. Already President of one ground club and other online, she also decided, her second pre-Charter club she sponsors TechnoSpeak will use only Pathways. 

Magda messaged me: "I am so glad Richard called me today, as I could work through it to find answers for him. It reminded me you saying us at Ablaze Online that a tiny bit of knowledge is suddenly seen as 'the expert.'  I did screen prints, they helped him out. It worked! Richard got into the Icebreaker and before it arrives to us he will get used to Pathways soon arriving to NZ!" 

It was the middle of night in Australia too, but Kevin Broughton just finished his online meeting with TM without boarders. VPE of Ablaze Online he creates also wonderful graphics. Kevin designed and send me this and the other images too. 

Want to know Magda and Kevin? visit Ablaze Online. The 4th November I will held a Panel about Pathways there.
How wonderful it would be if all club Presidents or VP Education send an email then help their members to try out the Icebreaker! 

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