1 Oct 2017

Great news! Pathways rollout accelerating

Pathways rollout accelerating!!!!!!!!! it may come faster to you then you thought.

Last time I heard, it was supposed to be a Region every 2 month, and now it seems it will be 2 Regions, almost every month. For example, London, in Region 11 where I live now, was put to Spring, now it seems we will get to begin, as soon as January! - Changed again to Spring...

If all goes well. I do hope, it will.

I found this page in a video, great one from Canada, near Toronto: Scarborough Toastmasters. It shows so clearly why we did need a renewal of our program.

I am still waiting for them to give me a right to publish all the video, but meanwhile here are a few reasons why we did need Pathways.

Indeed, our Technology of Communication changed so much in the last few years!

The Personal Computers come along, the Blogging. Then what we only dreamed the Videos through web and inside the blogs! The social media is growing, changing almost every day now. I just heard a presentation, how you can use Social Media and it's different parts to attract "clients" in this case Club Members or Guest for a Toastmaster club. So much to learn! But of course, even if it IS one of the Pathways Projects too, we can just begin to learn, there are so many ways.

As to yesterdays post, aie! Or may I say: Great! I realised, I was writing about Level 2 in previous two path, both had: Your Leadership style then Your Communication Style then Mentoring in it.

My third path Leadership Development has Manage your Time, instead of Communication style; Here goes my idea of speaking of it? No, because the Task is not only to note where our time goes, how much needed for what, and find priorities, but all that while you prepare a speech. Any speech!

Ah, I love Pathways!

Not only it gives me occasion to do often "any speech, any style from 5 - 7 minutes" but it helps me learn skills I never had. At least once in my life, I could note the time preparing a speech takes me. Alternatively, as our next meeting, where I am supposed to speak is about the festivities of Harvesting, I could tell a story about a time where I went to help to take out and gather raisins. There is where I made this picture, between many others. I was followed with games and dances, and of course, tasting the fresh juice.

Of course, some stories come suddenly, all grown up, others we have to let grow organically long time, but learning and understanding Time Management, can only help!

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